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Do you want to succeed in a million projects for your business or company by using the best project management tool? Your project feels scattered or impossible to stand in the market then don’t worry Basecamp-project management tool is here to solve your problem.

Basecamp overview

There are so many project management tools or applications are available like Trello, Asana, ProofHub, Smartshhet and Active Collab, and many more. Project management tools must be suitable for these three important things: time, budget, and scope.

Basecamp was found in 1999 by Jason Fried from Chicago in America. In 2004, the company focus on web application development from web design. Basecamp is the product of 37 signals. A web-based project management tool, Basecamp was launched in 2004. The next product is Basecamp 3 which was released in 2014.

Basecamp 3 works for support to email reply but not success in the bottom posting process.

What is Basecamp

Basecamp is the best online project management software or tool which keeps communication and exchange information in just one place. Basecamp is working as a real-time communication tool. The best thing about the Basecamp tool is its easy and simple setup process which is more beneficial for virtual teams.

Download Basecamp: for Android and ios

Features and Integrations of Basecamp

Basecamp can work a bunch of applications so it is like All in one.

The list of the Features and Integration of Basecamp is here,

  • Document Sharing
  • File sharing
  • Track tasks
  • Addition of people to the project for better communication
  • Provide message board
  • TeamGantt
  • CloudHQ
  • SupportBee
  • Calender view and agenda
  • Give notifications
  • Integrate with email

Basecamp and Basecamp3 both project management tools are supported in Android and ios.

Basecamp pricing

Whenever you have the option to choose the best project management tool for your company or business, make sure the time value is the most important factor. Basecamp is helping to decrease timely reporting and status updating relating to productiveness.

So, when you compare the different levels of features comparisons risk of costly mistakes must be decreasing, and the result must accurate analysis.

Different types of Basecamp pricing lists are available.

Pricing of Basecamp

Support of Baseccamp

From the Basecamp app, there are many supportable parameters are available like,

  • FAQ
  • Tutorials and guidlines for users
  • Twitter help
  • Online submission form

Basecamp is mainly used for clean and simple interface tasks of small teams or individuals.

Pros of Basecamp

  • Basecamp is simple and elegant tool
  • Easy to use
  • Mutiple plugins
  • Shortcuts and tricks
  • Allows collaborative project management
  • Allows for integration of third party tools
  • Free use up to 60 days
  • ‘Everyone’ tab for look who is in the team
  • ‘Everything’ tab for look everything related project in one view
  • Autosaved system
  • Strong security system
  • Great client access
  • Mobile capability

Basecamp is one of the best options for making small or large projects and for communication.

Cons of Basecamp

  • Security issue with storing data of the cloud
  • Doesn’t have tags or labels
  • Limited cross project views
  • No time tracking
  • No expense tracking
  • Less customization and settings
  • Not enough integration
  • Limited exporting capabilities

Alternatives of Basecamp

Now, I provide the alternatives of the Basecamp and you can compare all these tools by their features, pricing, pros, and cons, you can decide to use any tool depending on all these parameters.

  2. Asana
  3. ClickUp
  4. Trello
  5. Proggio
  7. Wrike
  8. YanadoTask
  9. TeamGantt
  10. Zoho projects


Basement is the most valuable option for project management if you are working for a small business team or for an individual. Communication and collaboration of project management tools are not Basecamp if you want both parameters for you then this Basecamp is not for your use.

You can use the competitors of the Basecamp like Asana, Trello, Slack, Dropbox, and G-suit, and many more.

There is not important that which tool you are using for your project because all tools will help you to stay in a central place and help to keep connecting with the team project and keep all related documents.

You may be ready for a discounted Basecamp Business rate if you need Basecamp for a non-profit or educational organization. To learn out if you’re interested, contact the Basecamp team directly.


Basecamp is the better option for project management just because thousands of users are using this Basecamp software for its easy and simple use. There are few disadvantages but still, users are using this Project management tool for enough reasons as advantages which is enough reason.

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