Easy ScratchJr coding game for kids

Scratch Jr Coding game

ScratchJr coding game is a visual programming language for kids ages 5-7 that teaches them how to code.

Imagine not being able to speak, young children may learn to think freely and reason logically by making projects in ScratchJr. It’s a free app for iOS, Android, and Chromebook users.

Coding game for kids is much useful to whom that has no laptop and it has no ads. So Sracth Jr coding game for kids is so great for preschool and preliterate kids to make interactive games and cartoons.

About ScratchJr coding game

ScratchJr is a descendant of the Scratch programming language, that’s been used by more than 10 million individuals around the world.

Scratch programming requires basic reading skills, thus the authors identified a need for an alternative program that will provide a simplified approach to learn programming games at a younger age without the requirement for learning or mathematical.


  • It is not necessary to have any prior experience with computer programming.
  • A working internet connection is required.

How do I install ScratchJr on my Chromebook?

  • Go to the Play Store. 
  • You can also look for the little orange kitten by scrolling down. 
  • You may find him here, or just type scratch into the search bar. 
  • Scratch jr click install is now complete.
ScratchJr Coding game

Download: ScratchJr coding game for kids

Interface of ScratchJr Coding game for kids

  • Drag blocks into such a coding area
  • Click it together just to form code. 

You can experiment with the different colored blocks to come up with your own code. Each color denotes a vary with different:

  • Yellow block – Triggering Blocks (indicate when the script starts)
  • Blue block– Motion Blocks (indicate where, how, and how long a character moves)
  • Purple block – Looks Blocks (control the character’s visuals)
  • Green block– Sound Blocks (what sounds should be played at what time)
  • Orange block – Control Blocks (controls how the script is played)
  • Red block– End Blocks (indicates how and when to end the script and if the script should be looped)

Kids can use this language so that they can understand because all of the blocks are entirely icon-based (no text). Like words, blocks are connected from left to right.

The interface is far less basic than Scratch’s. The amount of coding block groups and the amount of blocks inside each class are both reduced, leaving all the most common items.

Activities of ScrathJr coding game

Each of these tasks will teach you how to perform new things with ScratchJr in a short amount of time. They are listed in the order of difficulty from easiest to most difficult, but you are free to try them in any order you want. It’s like programming game.

drive across the city scrathJr coding game
1. Choose a character and a background, then use a movement block to make a car drive through the city.
run a race ScrathJr coding game
2. To speed up or slow down a character, use the speed block.
sunset ScrathJr coding game
Find out how to make a character invisible.
moonrise ScrathJr coding game
4. Know how to modify the scene by adding a new section.
spooky forest ScrathJr coding game
5. Create several characters, each with their unique storylines.
basketball ScrathJr coding game
6. Understand how to bounce a basketball with the repeated block.
dance with music ScrathJr coding game
To make creatures dance, use music, and animation blocks as well as a restart block.
meet and greet ScrathJr coding game
8. To send out a message from one element to another, use the box.
conversion ScrathJr coding game
Use different colored envelopes to make important messages to different characters.

Is ScratchJr beneficial for kids?

ScratchJr works best when children are given many of opportunities for supervised practise through structured lessons and hands-on assistance. Despite the fact that the interface is targeted toward younger children, the programme still has a lot of objects to click and move about.

Is Scratch Jr available for free?

Yes! ScratchJr is a free program, similar to Scratch, that can be downloaded and installed on most Apple and Android devices.

Their goal is to prove that Scratch remains free and accessible to anyone. As a result, children all across the world will be able to try to express their creative abilities by coding.

The ScratchJr coding game Foundation has accomplished the following results since 2014:

  • There are 196 countries in the world.
  • There are more than 70 languages available.
  • 32,000 downloads every day, 100% free and open source

Advantages of ScratchJr coding game

  • Creative Design and Interactivity
  • Simple Coding Blocks
  • Kid-Friendly Graphics


ScratchJr is an excellent platform for children aged 5 to 7. It uses block coding and visual programming methodologies, similar to Scratch, to help very young children comprehend the core concepts of coding. Cute characters, vibrant colours, and a well-designed UI make the game simple to grasp and fun to play with.

If your youngster has expressed an interest in coding, we strongly advise you to download the ScratchJr app. It is still a fantastic tool that may substantially assist with development abilities outside of the context of coding.

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