How can get ranked 1 on Google Using 7 Free SEO Tools?

Do you want to get rank your website or blogs at the first position on Google, How do you do it? Know these 7 free SEO tools that will help you rank 1 on Google. See these SEO optimization techniques and skyrocket your rankings on Google!

Free SEO Tools to get rank 1 on Google

If you’re new to the world of SEO (search engine optimization), these seven free SEO tools will go a long way in helping you formulate a strategy for reaching your goals.

You want to rank favorite on Google. You don’t have tons of money. You can’t rent an office. What do I do?

Today I’m gonna share with you seven free SEO tools that’ll assist you rank number one on Google. Because I’m gonna keep emotional tons of superb content like this that’ll assist you to get higher rankings on Google.

1. Google Search Console

Most people use Google Search Console simply to see what keywords they’re ranking for. You can do this, it’s not that effective. The reason you’d wish to use Google Search Console, especially if you’d sort of a rank favorite is for this specific maneuver.

When you log in to a Google Search Console, it’ll show you all the keywords that you simply are ranking for that square measure driving the majority of your traffic.

Look at what pages those keywords square measure driving traffic to. Take the title tag of that page and thus the meta description and make sure you embody the keyword.

Google Search Console. rank #1 on Google

Optimize that title tag to be tons of appealing. If you’re not positive about how to optimize the title tag, go get investigate blogs. They may not all be the only however there are a few belongings you’ll do. You can take inspiration from content and try to craft your own headline.

By making your headline or title tag or meta description that’s tons of appealing as well as alongside the keyword, you’re tons likely to induce clicks.

See, if you’re doing a search on Google additionally as another thousand individuals and you guys all searched for the same term, and everybody clicks on the second listing instead of the first listing.

It takes the second listing and moves it up to favorite. And by optimizing your title tag to be tons of⠀ appealing, you’re getting to induce tons of clicks. One easy method you’ll additionally do this is by evoking curiosity.⠀

I want to look at this text. That kind of stuff gets you tons of clicks.

2. Yoast SEO plugin

 Yoast SEO plugin

Most people use or work on WordPress. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) isn’t that easy parameter. Yoast SEO plug-in can create your on-page SEO easily.

– Use

  • Optimize your code
  • Optimize title tags, and meta description
  • Produce an XML sitemap
  • Free of cost.

That way, after you unharness your new content on your site, it will be automatically added to your sitemap and then it will go for the index for better ranking on SERP.

3. Ubersuggest

It showed you what is the keywords which bring traffic. For this, you have to plug that keyword into Ubersuggest. Then the result of all the long-tail variations of those keywords will show. If your site already ranking for the highest terms, then it’s easy to rank for the long-tail terms.

 Ubersuggest. rank #1 on Google

No need to build any type of links, you don’t have to do tons of on-page SEO improvement. It’s easy.

Within that page, that’s already ranking for that term like digital promoting. By doing that, in thirty days you’ll find that you’ll get tons of search traffic there to page. You can’t simply take those keywords and add them to the page.⠀

You got to integrate them among your content. If it doesn’t, you’re gonna have trouble some time ranking for all those terms as a result of individuals are gonna scan your content and be like, this doesn’t be. They’re gonna bounce away.

You need to manage your content and usually, that means re-writing them. You may additionally wish to need a variety of these keywords and place them within the title tag and meta description.

Those keywords that you simply are obtaining from Ubersuggest. By doing that, it’ll additionally assist you to rank for those long-tail terms.

The cool half concerning Ubersuggest is, it ranks all those keywords by the quality and therefore the way straightforward it is to rank from.⠀

That’s referred to as the Search problem. So there’s an American state range, that range, the upper it is, the tons of competitive. The lower the quantity, the simpler it’s to a ranking for that term.


The reason you’d wish to visit the present internet site is your website must be mobile compatible. Google includes a mobile-first index. But golf shot your address on this website, it’ll tell you,

A. Is your internet site responsive?

B. Is it mobile-friendly?

Your site must be mobile compatible and putting your website into this tool will tell you, if your website is responsive and mobile-friendly.

5. Google Trends

Google Trends

By creating a brand, you’re getting to do better on Google.
And Google Trends shows you ways your brand is doing compared to people. you would like the larger brand and Google Trends will show this.

6. Google PageSpeed insights

 Google PageSpeed insights

Most people like to use Google on their mobile rather than on their desktop computers or Laptop. That’s why the importance of speed is more. Google platform is only for indexing to mobile sites first. So, you would like to make sure that your website loads as fast as possible on mobile as well as on desktop.

7. Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere plugin will show you ways many of us are checking out your terms and related keywords as you’re using Google. It’ll offer you more keyword ideas because you’ll see the search volume and the way good a number of these keywords are.

  • Conclusion

Check out all those free tools, they work really superb and will help you rank #1 on google. And if you need any type of help with online or digital marketing leave a question or comment below and I’ll be sure to answer you!

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