Top 3 Incredible New Search Options In Google Chrome

Do you want to know the new search options in the Google Chrome browser for your ease to use? Then I will explain these in detail. Google chrome is the best option for searching for better results. For this, incredible new search options in Google chrome are provided by Google.

Finding the particular result by using keywords is a little bit hard process then take a quick photo snapped by the camera and go to the search result. So the tool is more useful for text transformation, mathematical formulas, and copy for the large section to avoid typing system. It’s too easy by Google Lens to search the web from your mobile.

New Search Options In Google Chrome

Now the wait is over for the new function of Google chrome because Google bringing a Lens-powered option which is like the fastest growing technology. You can use the power of Google Lens for searching text, images, and many more from any type of website.

The list of new search options in Google Chrome is here.

  • Powerful screenshot and sharing tool
  • HTTPS security update
  • Major upgrade of Tabs.

Lens power option in Google chrome

After that, you can use the new search feature by right-clicking on each page. A new Search Part of the page with the Google Lens option should appear in the context menu. This is where you begin your search.

The next step is to select a box around the area of the current pages that you want to use as the foundation for a search, similar to how you would use an image editor’s selection tool. You can draw a circle around an image on the page to search other instances – or similar images – online, or you can pick text to avoid typing.

In these images – Search Google for this image is replaced with – Search with Google Lens.

Google chrome

HTTPS security update

Google Chrome’s most recent update will make it more obvious when a site isn’t safe. Google Chrome has surpassed Internet Explorer as the most popular browser, enhancing Google’s capacity to influence how creators and consumers interact with the web. Google has been urging websites to transition from HTTP to HTTPS secure connections for the past few years. HTTPS encrypts the connection between you and a website, making it impossible for outsiders to access your information or impersonate the site.

Importance of HTTPS

  • Your website’s integrity is safeguarded by HTTPS.
  • HTTPS ensures that your users’ privacy and security are protected.
  • HTTPS is the web’s future.

In 2014, Google revealed that HTTPS would be used as an SEO ranking indication. As a result, safe websites may have a higher likelihood of appearing in SERPs than non-secure sites.

There are a variety of other criteria that influence search rankings, but it has been verified that HTTPS may be used to break a tie between two search results that are otherwise comparable in terms of other ranking factors.

– Features

  • Less technical approach
  • Consumers would prefer to visit a website
  • Personal data and information will be kept private.
  • Better user experience

This argument alone should be enough to convince you to migrate your website to HTTPS.

Major upgrade of Tabs.

Google is making tabs and newer tab groups in Chrome easier and faster to use. It claims changes under the hood that will bring up to 10% quicker page loading and lessen the impact of idle background tabs.

Google debuted tab groups in May, which were initially in testing. Users can aggregate their open tabs into a group, which they can then name and label, to keep track of their numerous projects, tasks, applications, and other online research.

– Features

  • Available Tab group
  • New touch screen interface for tabs
  • Collapsible tab groups available ijoin the Canary version of Chrome 
  • Easier to manage and navigate.

Tab groups will be available to all users in this edition. Users may now collapse and extend tab groups in Chrome, allowing you to focus on the ones you need right now. This was the most common request from individuals who used tab groups during tests, according to Google.

How to customize new Tab?

If you start entering a page in the address bar on the Android version of Chrome, you’ll get a hint to switch to that tab if it’s officially available. Users of Android will also benefit from simpler URL sharing, which will also make it easy to copy and share links with other devices or send links through other apps.

Chrome will add links toward the web pages you’ve visited more and more like tiles. The default New Tab page may only be modified by uninstalling tiles from the page. To do so, hover your mouse over the tile you wish to delete and click the “X” button that appears in the tile’s upper-right corner.

The thumbnail has been removed, according to a notification at the bottom of the New Tab page. By clicking the “Undo” link, you can reclaim the thumbnail.

Your browsing history is used to produce the tiles. The connected link in your browsing history is not erased when a tile is deleted. If you wish to restore all of the tiles you’ve deleted, go to the bottom of the New Tab page and click the “Restore all” link.


There are plenty of other extensions in the Google Chrome Web Store that let you personalize the New Tab screen in a variety of different ways. If none of the options above appeal to you, take a look around, you’re sure to discover something you enjoy.

What do you think about these updates or search options, are they useful for you or not?

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