Indeed Vs LinkedIn

Linkedin vs indeed

Indeed and LinkedIn applications are best for both employers and job seekers as these applications have features and services which can cater to all or any of your needs with ease. Check the difference between Indeed Vs LinkedIn.
Indeed Vs LinkedIn

What is Indeed?

Indeed Vs LinkedIn

Indeed LogoIndeed is an employment website launched by an American company for an inventory of jobs and recruitment processes. This application helps the users to list the roles no matter where they’re posting. Moreover, the app has multiple services and features for the users.

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What is LinkedIn?



LinkedIn is an American-based company that gives employee-oriented services online for various businesses and was launched on May 05 2003 and this platform is especially used for networking and to assist job seekers to find jobs.

For the third year in a row, LinkedIn was voted the most trustworthy platform, topping half of Business Insider’s trust pillars. More members will join and stay for the long haul, resulting in more opportunities for involvement both immediately and over time.

Indeed Vs LinkedIn Features Comparison

Free TrialYesYes
Email InvitationsYesNo
Resume SearchYesYes
Online SupportYesYes
Knowledge BaseNoYes
Phone SupportNoNo
Windows AppYesNo

How did We evaluate Indeed Vs LinkedIn?

We evaluate on many terms like pricing, simple use, user reviews, job postings, and job seekers. Both are easy to use with excellent interface and reviews of both the applications are good. If we glance from the eyes of a seeker, it indeed is a superb place to seem out for employment. But within the evaluation both the appliance provides good features and services for the users.

Indeed Vs LinkedIn (Pros and Cons)



  • Value for money
  • Easy to use
  • Have a superb support team
  • Tons of features


  • The program is slow



  • Have an honest SEO profile
  • Excellent networking path
  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy to use


  • Privacy problems
  • Users aren’t actively engaged

Indeed Vs LinkedIn: Which is best for Employers?

Indeed, it’s better than LinkedIn because it has excellent features and services which help employers and job seekers to seek out the proper job and post the specified job opening and recruitment process. Whereas LinkedIn features a good user-friendly profile system for the users.

Indeed Vs LinkedIn: Which is best for Job Seekers?

LinkedIn is not the same as Indeed in terms of how it works, but it is just as effective. LinkedIn’s job board isn’t as huge as Indeed’s, but it is the largest social network for businesses and professionals, with over 706 million users in over 200 countries (including 170 million in the United States).

Indeed, is best for the work seekers as all the new job openings and recruitment process are listed during a manner that job seekers can find their thanks to the specified job they’re checking out. Whereas LinkedIn helps users to access the knowledge and required criteria for the work.

Indeed Vs LinkedIn: Pricing

The pricing is nearly similar as both the appliance gives free trials and subscriptions for the users to use the appliance for a searching job or listing new job openings. Both applications are supported by pay-per-click systems.

Indeed Vs LinkedIn: User Reviews

LinkedIn users gave feedback that it helps the users to urge insights and good information about the corporate and what are the pros and cons of a corporation which help them to settle on what’s best for them. On the other hand, LinkedIn offers job posting and employer tools that make it simple to publish content online.

Your choice between LinkedIn and Indeed may be influenced by your personal tastes as well as the industry in which you work. Because everyone can access Indeed, your job posting is likely to get greater exposure, but LinkedIn is still a good option if you’re looking for qualified experts.


Both the appliance has their strength and weakness there’s nothing particular to differentiate one another. These applications will fulfill all of your needs and assist you to seek out the proper job and therefore the right place to list the new job openings with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Which one is better?
Answer: It depends upon the requirements you’ve got if you’re an employment seeker and if you don’t realize the corporate and skills required choose LinkedIn.

Question: Which one is going to be better for the work-seeker?
Answer: Indeed, it’s a far better option because it has essential features and services which can assist you to seek out the proper job and obtain applied with ease.

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