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Rebranding of the Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg announced the rebranding of Facebook as the company grows into the metaverse.

Zuckerberg, who started Facebook in 2004, announced intentions to create a “metaverse,” which he defined as a matrix where people may work, chat, and play games.


The rebranding of Facebook became finally discovered! Facebook will now be known as Meta, according to Mark Zuckerberg, who announced the change on Thursday, Oct. 28.

For just a while, this was believed as Facebook’s identity will be replaced. Ultimately, the name of this community was altered, while Facebook’s name and logo will remain the same.

Let’s take a look into what’s within the new name.

What purpose of the new name?

The term “meta” is derived from a Greek word that means “after.”

To justify his choice of moniker, Zuckerberg authored a “founders’ letter,” that he posted towards the Meta website on Thursday for rebranding of Facebook.

“It’s symbolic for me that something unique can be made, so the next part of the storyline is always available.” “We have a journey that begins in a dorm room and has grown beyond our wildest dreams,” he wrote.

Rebranding of Facebook

“People utilize a family of applications to connect with one another, discover their talents, and build enterprises, organizations, and movements that already have transformed the world.”

Facebook convert into Metaverse for rebranding of Facebook

Zuckerberg declared during the company’s annual Connect meeting that “from now on, we’re going to be Metaverse first, not Facebook first.”

“The brand is just so closely linked to a brand name that it can’t possibly express what we’ve been doing, let alone in the next.”

A 37-year-old New York native said how his company needs Meta to become known as a “metaverse company” throughout the period, and this is where he wishes to “hold” his efforts and authenticity till Thursday.

“We currently define and analyze the company as two separate divisions,” he said, “one for our current family and one for our efforts on a future network.”

“As a core component of that too, we need to introduce a new business brand that reflects what we are doing and what we aim to establish.”

After the important news, the brand has changed its Facebook pages with a new logo as well as a Twitter Account handle for Meta.

Zuckerberg is still in the authority of Facebook

The inventor will remain as Meta’s CEO and he will continue to manage the main company’s developments for rebranding of Facebook.

Followers can’t seem to stop joking about the new name, Meta. Users are passing funny comments related to this new brand name.

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