Top 5 Best Digital Virtual AGM Software Platforms of 2021

AGM software platforms

In the digital AGM, all types of works going on an online platform. Nowadays most business companies are using the AGM software platforms for their meetings, conference, and for international meetings in this time of social distancing. These all AGM platforms will help to stay connected with your employees and your manager with their business.

So, the list of the Best Digital Virtual AGM software platforms is here,

1. Zoom meetings

 Zoom meetings

Download: Zoom meeting

Zoom meeting platform is for using zoom video communications. The Training seminars and Webinars also holds on this platform.

The most popular feature with zoom is too far compatible with most gadgets no matter the working gadget they use. All participants can use the zoom on their devices like Desktop, iOS, and also in android. You can operate the meeting with its features. In this screen sharing, mute the audio, turn off the video, or mute anyone, share text messages, and documents options are available. Most of the capabilities are using for giving a quality digital conferences experience to the people.

This platform creates virtual events like Product launches, Exhibitions, and meetings. This platform is free for use with unlimited time

2. Google meet

 Google meet

Download: Google meet

Google meet AGM is for video conferencing for meetings, webinars, or classes. This platform is so popular for international meetings. You must have a Google account and Gmail account to operate this Google meet.  

For the better use of this app by paid version for participants, Google regularly meets to its part of Google variety.

This service offers 3 plans to us:

  1. G suite Basic (approximately 6$/Month)
  2. G suite business (approximately 12$/Month)
  3. G suite enterprise (approximately 25$/Month)

Google meet platform has a neat and clean dashboard that is easy-to-use for the desktop app or cell software. HD video can play with one click on providing capability and superior security measures. The privacy of this app is so strong so no worry about spreading the personal data of users. So you to make sure to secure from cyberattacks for this platform.

The carrier will be also including with the google calendar, so you can host agenda conferences and can invite people to this app.

3. Tamplo


Templo is the AGM platform on which everyone can set up meetings online. You can organize your meeting and can invite your member for joint to meeting online easily. It also allows you to choose the topics on which you can discuss with one click and it allows your team access to the meeting. The best part of this: It allows you to share files with your employer or meeting member to be reviewed before the meeting. This platform is so easy to use for online conversation with your laptop or mobile device.

4. Dreamcast

Dreamcast Virtual Events Platforms

The Dreamcast Virtual AGM Software Platforms is like the online event on which people like to share their ideas or like to communicate on the web instead of physically meeting.

This online platform helps businessmen for connecting with their best employers and can discuss their company work and the company’s daily routine. Events like, trade shows and Award shows are also popular on this platform.

These Dreamcast Virtual Events platforms play an important and easy role to reach the right audience.

5. Microsoft teams

 Microsoft teams

Download: Microsoft teams

This Microsoft team’s AGM platform is organized by Microsoft. This platform works with super features for the Microsoft 365 platform. Microsoft team AGM is easy to use and everyone can customize it so easily with its amazing functions. Individuals can muffle history noises and absolutely raise their arms throughout the meeting to get the host’s interest, focus, and agenda appointments.

This service of AGM is free with sign-up using an email address.

 Functions:  Can direct chat, phone call, team video, team chats, video calls, and can use display screen sharing.

This can hold meetings with up to 300 participants with its great functions

Other Virtual AGM Software Platforms

You can also use these different Virtual AGM Software such as

  1. Slack
  2. GoToMeeting
  3. Google hangouts
  4.  Live webinars
  5. Lifesize
  6. Polyas
  7. Digitell
  8. RingCentral Meetings
  9. Lumi
  10. HighFive
  11. ON24
  13. Globibo 
  14. Big blue button
  15. Samaaro
  16. Intrado
  17. Pexip
  18. Expoburg
  19.  Brella
  20. Cvent
  21. Pathable
  22. Zoho meeting
  23. Hopin
  24. Skype
  25. Slack
  26.  Facetime
  27. Free Conference call
  28. Amazon Chime
  29.  Adobe Connect
  30. Intermedia

– Conclusion

The Virtual AGMs are well-managed and provide a variety of interaction, networking, and access control options for delivering real-world event experiences. Host virtual AGMs with all of the world’s shareholders on a secure virtual AGM platform of your choice. To select the best, one is depending on the desire which you have in addition to the wanted results.

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