What is Trello? A guide for beginners

Trello app

Trello is a work management app and collaborative work management app. For team projects, it is the best option for you. Trello is a project management tool for large-scale projects.


The flexibility of this Trello application is the most unique part of this app. Trello app also for window 10. It has multiple windows too, that means you can present various team on this app.

Trello offers boards cards layouts and views another list. 50 million registered users for this app in 2018. Trello has also featured a calendar, dashboard, and table.


Download: Trello

Trello Integration

For the integration of Trello, you must know coding. By using Trello’s public developer APIs, you can connect with the third-party system, plugins, extensions, and apps.

Useful Features of Trello

  • Can share files with your team in which photos and videos can be shared.
  • Easy drag and drop editing
  • Data filters
  • You can comment on the work card of users or workers.
  • Activity Logs
  • The best feature is can set colored on label whatever you like
  • You can add limitless new cards to your project.

Trello pricing list

Trello offers three different pricing plans as below:

Trello Free –

Great plan for startup your business but there are limitations also.

Trello Business Class ($9.99/user/month) –

Best plan for businesses that want more than the free plan.

Trello Enterprise ($9.99/user/month) –

Use for larger plans or companies but no need for teams smaller than 100


  • Simple Pricing Structure

By comparing the Trello app with other project management tools, Trello so a simple price structure. You can invite limitless members. Trello app has a simple pricing list with different packages.

  • Alert for deadline

The normal card color will turn in to yellow when your deadline or dates are near, and you passed the date yellow card will turn into a red color card. So, you never miss your deadline with the help of an alert.

  • Searchable database

You can search your file in less time from desired files. Trello will be stored all the data for future usage so Trello can give all searchable data to users.

  • Mobile friendly

Trello works superbly on every platform like a computer screen, tablet, or on mobile at any size format.

  • Trello system follows to Kanban

In 1950, Toyota found revealing bottlenecks in the development process which is called the Kanban system. Kanban system assists you to use the cards and boards which are small components for your task or project.

  • Quick notification

With the help of email notifications, you will never miss out on your task. If there are any updates.

  • Security

As an admin of your board, you can give them access to authorized participants. Trello security is designed with the very highest security so no worries about your data will fall into the wrong hands.


  • Require data access

You can not access Trello at all times during traveling or airplane mode because without any internet connection and wifi, Trell will not work.

  • Problem for handling big Project

Instead of handling the big project, Trello is used only for a small and simple project. Trello should not be your choice to handling big-scale projects across the globe.

  • Less storage limit

If you are a Basic member of Trello the size of the file attachment is 10MB. In Trello Business class and Gold, members can use a 250MB file upload limit.

  • Not able to create share large term projects

The Trello board is so simple in any software development. But in road mapping, it does not help. You can not link a large roadmap objective to Trello cards.

  • Can not comment

You can not edit a comment into the Trello card. You have to write a new comment, can’t edit an existing comment.

Competitors of Trello

  • Kanbanize
  • Asana
  • Basecamp
  • Paymo
  • BrightPod
  • QuickBase
  • Workzone
  • Taskworld
  • ActiveCollab
  • Airtable
  • Avaza
  • ProofHub


For personal use or professional use, the Trello app is a good tool to get your work done. You can alphabetize boards and also can create various types of bards by using this Trell app. So, now you would have to clear understanding about Trello by this article.

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